Real Estate photography is as important and the ad itself, so having a beautiful set of images to grab the viewers attention is essential.

Why Real Estate Photography?

Attention Grabbing

The initial image needs to showcase the home in its true light while being as detail as possible.

Wide angle

Getting the full perspective of any particular scene is important. Using a wide angle lens to capture the scene in detail is vital to any real estate listing.

Aerial Images

Getting those aerial images that a person on the ground couldn't see makes these images unique and different.

Clear Light

The rest of the set of images needs to be like the first in the set. Consistency is key in capturing the viewers complete attention.

Blown Out Highlights

Interior images shot with any kind of window is typically blown out, losing detail of what you see outside. Taking multiple images of the same scene with different exposures is whats needed to get one solid iamge.

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